Level life

It’s been a long time coming. A few years ago, I struggled with severe depression. Recovery has been a a long journey, one that probably won’t ever end. Even at the beginning, I always said I’d write a book about my experience someday. It would be in the humor section, actually.

The tragic death of Kate Spade sparked me to finally do it. I never knew much about her. I never owned any of her accessories. I always admired them though, classic elegant style. Bold fun colors. Unpretentious branding. If I were a purse, I’d be one of her purses. When I read she hanged herself I started tearing up. What drives a woman to do something so gruesome? I more or less understand completely.

Level Redhead. Ok, so I stole inspiration and have used it without permission.

I’m not really a redhead. I am a brunette growing rapidly more gray than I care to admit. I’m a self selected redhead, bottle fed. I’m really not level either. I’m arguably crazy, off kilter. I’m slanted downward. What is freedom from depression look like? What’s the goal? Happy every day? No. Depression is listing around in a water that really shouldn’t be that turbulent. The goal righting the ship. Staying on even keel. Not struggling to stay afloat. Level.

Hey, fake it til you make it!

“Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends” -Kate Spade


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